Shelter Animals

On a beautiful Fall morning, I decided to visit a local shelter. I had always refrained from visiting shelters for the simple fact that my heart could not handle walking by cage after cage, huge pleading eyes staring at me, paws outstretched trying to grab hold of my arm as I walk by.

Thanks to No-Kill shelters many animals are given a second chance to find a loving and nurturing home. Thanks to them, abused animals are given life, cared for and rehabilitated to trust again that someone “loves them”. Thanks to compassionate individuals, injured animals are given the proper care needed to heal and enjoy life free of pain.

Through so much dedication, strays and feral cats are spayed/neutered and cared for by caregivers who believe all life matters and offer shelter, food, care, and love to these often forgotten animals.

We have seen the sad and hopeless look in the eyes of these wonderful friends of ours who’s only crime was to trust and love. We have suffered broken hearts as a cat reached out with her paw or a dog happy to be alive, tail wagging greeted us with honesty and innocence. And we understand that shelter animals, strays, homeless animals, and feral cats are guilty not of any crime committed but of loyalty, trust and unconditional love; that they are the innocence lost and abandoned because of the disposable society we live in.

Each year millions of animals are euthanized for humanity’s lack of responsibility. Every year no-kill shelters struggle with the over demand of rescue, refusing to euthanize. Rather, the compassion of these workers often goes unnoticed as they give hope to these precious lives.

Homeless animals, strays, and feral cats often die alone, survival their only crime and yet we, guilty of abandonment without regret nor remorse turn a blind eye to the problem we have created.

This is where Friends Fundraising for Animal Shelters comes in. Helping those helping the voiceless, no longer do these wonderful creatures go faceless. We strive to give voice to shelter animals and the homeless and feral by providing the necessary funding to no-kill shelters and caregivers that they may continue to rescue and provide a nurturing and loving home for so many unwanted animals that were once family members

We fully support those caring people who care for the strays and feral cats of Winnipeg and surrounding areas. There are more ethical and humane practices to care for these animals rather than euthanasia and the F.F.A.S. stands behind these practices such as TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return).

Compassion, love, trust, and understanding is needed for shelter animals and those on the streets. It is by no fault of their own they have become homeless. Everyday excuses are made and these once loved individuals are found abandoned by roadsides and shelters alone and afraid.