F.F.F.A.S. Who We Are

Friends Fundraising for Animals Shelters is a group of animal lovers who fundraise with the mission of providing financial assistance to “No-Kill” animal shelters in an around Winnipeg, Manitoba.

F.F.F.A.S. was started by a group of Winnipeg Nurses from Seven Oaks Hospital who, each Christmas, would make up food baskets for needy families.  These Nurses soon realized that the very same could be done for Winnipeg’s unwanted animals and the best way to help the dedicated men and women who run the No-Kill Animal Shelters was to donate hampers and baskets full of pet food and pet supplies.

pawinhandThe next step was to make up gift baskets, raffle them off and give the money raised to the Shelters. F.F.F.A.S. was born and our group has branched out to producing a series of Cookbooks, holding raffles,participating in craft sales and farmers markets, pet picnics and social events – with all of the proceeds given out in the form of a cheque to the Shelters’ Veterinarians to help assist in the medical bills.

Friends Fundraising for Animal Shelters not only helps defer veterinarian costs for No-Kill shelters but also help feral cat colony caregivers, and rescuers who share a different kind of love with the animals they care for.

Each year, the F.F.F.A.S. hosts a special event dedicated to the celebration of life, by raising moneys to further assist shelters throughout Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

It is not about ego. It is not about self-preservation. The F.F.F.A.S. are about compassion, nurturing, love, and life. Friends Fundraising for Animal Shelters is about reaching out and saving lives one at a time.

“The F.F.F.A.S. discovered Loving the Feral Soul Inc. through the first book I wrote on feral cats. They helped launch the book through the Winnipeg area as well as raise awareness concerning feral cats and a more ethical and humane treatment of these wonderful cats.”

“For the past 3 years, the F.F.A.S. has helped my organization offset vetrinarian bills for TNR, medicine, and other much neededmedical attention. They are a warm group of people who understand the truth behind helping animals and do so with such humbleness and grace. Thank you to F.F.A.S. for everything you have done for the feralcats of Loving the Feral Soul Inc.” Jean Boileau – Loving the Feral Soul Inc.